Four Marks of Fruit-Bearing Christianity

Four Marks of Fruit-Bearing Christianity

The Christianity which I call fruit-bearing, that which shows its Divine origin by its blessed effects on mankind – the Christianity which you may safely defy unbelievers to explain away – that Christianity is a very different thing. Let me show you some of its leading marks and features.

(1) Fruit-bearing Christianity has always taught the inspiration, sufficiency, and supremacy of Holy Scripture. It has told people that God’s Word written is the only trustworthy rule of faith and practice in religion, that God requires nothing to be believed that is not in this Word, and that nothing is right which contradicts it. It has never allowed reason, a person’s mind, or the voice of the Church, to be placed above, or on a level with Scripture. It has steadily maintained that, however imperfectly we may understand it, the Old Book is meant to be the only standard of life and doctrine. Read more…


APOLOGETICS!!!  This isn’t about how to “apologize” for our beliefs. No, Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologiawhich means “a reasoned defense“.  We see this in the Scriptures in 1 Peter 3:15

, where believers are called to “always be ready to give a defense” for the hope that they have in Christ.

15 but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence; 1 Peter 3:15

(emphasis mine).
The apostle Paul also calls believers in Jesus to tear down strongholds and cast down arguments that are set forth against God.

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There are three things that earthly riches can never do:

There are three things that earthly riches can never do:

They can never satisfy divine justice,
They can never pacify divine wrath,
Nor can they ever quiet a guilty conscience.
Until these things are done–man is undone!  

Thomas Brooks

Do not be led astray by all kinds of strange teachings!

It has been said of J.C. Ryle that he was “bold as a lion for the truth of God’s Word and his Gospel’. The past several months I have been reading much written by Ryle. It amazes me (though it really should not, I suppose) how so much of what Ryle stood against in his writings is still battleground for us in the church today. Here is a sampling of the warnings to the Churches. Enjoy…
“Do not be led astray by all kinds of strange teachings!” Hebrews 13:9 Read more…

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ…Cornerstone of the Christian Faith

resurrectionThe Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of the Christian Faith.

As the Apostle Paul stated, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins” (1 Corinthians 15:17). Christianity is NOT blind faith!  Dr. Greenleaf, the Royal Professor of Law at Harvard University, was one of the greatest legal minds that ever lived. He wrote the famous legal volume entitled, A Treatise on the Law of Evidence, considered by many the greatest legal volume ever written. Dr. Simon Greenleaf believed the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a hoax. And he determined, once and for all, to expose the “myth” of the Resurrection. After thoroughly examining the evidence for the resurrection — Dr. Greenleaf came to the exact opposite conclusion! He wrote a book entitled, An Examination of the Testimony of the Four Evangelists by the Rules of Evidence Administered in the Courts of Justice. In which he emphatically stated:

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