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March 2013

What Do You Believe?

Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe His exclusive truth claims? Do you know why you believe in Jesus? Do you even know what you truly believe? As Christians, we must KNOW WHAT WE BELIEVE & WHY.
I am a Christian because Jesus is real…He is the true God, and the evidence backs up that claim.
Are you living the Crucified life? Are you being persecuted? If not, why not?
All these things and more… on today’s edition of Contenders Radio with Pastor Kevin Inman.

The Bible Versus The Bible Mini-Series

The Bible Versus The Bible Mini-Series 3-4-13

The Bible Series on the History Channel has now kicked off.
Is it accurate or not?  How can we tell?  ONLY by getting into the true Word of God…the Bible.
Knowledge of the Bible is needed to protect us against fatal error. (Acts 17:11; I John 4:1).
Do you have a high view of scripture? Let us encourage one another to be students of God’s Word!

Can A Christian Ever Perish




If a person has truly been born again, can that person ever be lost or unsaved?
Can a saved person ever perish?  Please listen carefully today as we discuss 7 passages (out of many) that confirm for us that a Christian can NEVER be lost again.  It is not a free pass to sin.
It is the simple reality that our salvation is of God, and not of man.